Code: mtable-ext updated

I have fixed a small bug in mtable-ext that prevented asterisks from being printed for negative coefficients in mixed effects models output by lme4. Thanks to Reinhold Kliegl and Martin Elff for pointing out the bug and for providing the fix. The updated code can be found below. However, I do want to warn users that the way the code calculates p-values is not strictly correct. For more information, see R FAQ 7.35; Doug Bates’ mailing list post and the ensuing discussion linked from the FAQ is a must-read for anyone using lme4 or estimating mixed effects models more generally.

Updated version: mtable-ext-20110621

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  1. Antonio says:

    Hi, that’s a nice utility. Have you tried with lme instead. This seems to be a more mature package for these type of models, isn’t it? Cheers, Antonio.

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