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R Tip: Avoid using T and F as synonyms for TRUE and FALSE

By default when you start R, T and F are defined as TRUE and FALSE. When I review other people’s code, I often see functions defined with arguments set to these values by default. This is a very bad idea. … Continue reading

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Three free books for better programming in R (and any other language)

Like many users and producers of R packages, I have never had any formal training in computer science. I’ve come to to the conclusion that this is a serious omission in a professional researcher’s training. Computer scientists and professional hackers … Continue reading

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Emacs-fu: The place to go for useful Emacs tips

After 5 years or so of using Emacs almost exclusively as my “text editor”, somehow I just ran across Emacs-fu for the first time today. It’s an incredibly useful site with numerous Emacs tips and tricks. If you are an Emacs user, you should check the … Continue reading

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